The Oscars, et al.

I make a point of making sure I’ve seen all the Oscar nominees for Best Cinematography. That this year’s films were well-photographed goes without saying, but one film, The King’s Speech, stood in a category all its own. While the other DPs were shooting the best films possible according to accepted standards of motion picture […]

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Onward and Upward

I’ve got a few short film shoots coming up that I’m very excited about. One is a 15-minute narrative piece, shot on 16mm black-and-white film, directed by Art Center student Peter Yu. Peter’s script, a story of betrayal and retribution involving a high-school teacher, her student, and his adulterous father, is heavily influenced by Woody […]

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Quiet light

There is something so deeply enchanting about silent light. It is meditative yet outward-looking, small yet vast, lonely yet content. It is elusive, and is often so nuanced, so delicate, that one is afraid the camera itself might cause its immediate decay. One finds it often in Soviet cinema after 1960 and in photography from […]

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