The Job Interview

Interviewing to shoot with filmmakers you don’t know is challenging. I’ve done lots of it. The problem is, I’m a quiet guy who would much prefer to hear about someone else’s accomplishments than talk about my own. I don’t have the gift of gab to rely on, just the strength of my reel, recommendations from […]

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So much of scouting isn’t really about scouting locations at all, but more a strange introductory dance between the DP and the rest of the management team. It’s not courtship exactly, because if you’re scouting you’ve already got the job, but perhaps more akin to a first date. There’s a lot of covert sizing-up going […]

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Endless summer, endless hustle

A small victory for the record books: When I first moved to Los Angeles in 2004, I visited some of the film schools in the area and posted flyers offering to partner with students to shoot their films. I was moderately more experienced than student DPs and it seemed like a great way to build […]

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