At the Root of it All: Basketball

This is a picture from the 1969 Celtics championship season. What I’m immediately struck by is how much better basketball looks in black-and-white. And with the absence of modern lighting there is actually shadow on the court, something unheard of in today’s sports coverage. America’s obsession with overlighting causes us to forget the epic symbolism […]

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The Wide World of Color Theory

I’m prepping for a project where we’ll be shooting a performance sequence on a white cyc stage. One significant visual influence for the project is the high-energy choreography work of the 1930s American director Busby Berkeley. The director is drawn to the confluence of Berkeley’s work with the Constructivist movement that had flourished in the […]

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The Film School Quandry

Even though I finished film school almost ten years ago, people contact me on a regular basis for advice about whether or not it’s worth it: “Can’t I just start working in the film business?” Yes, you can. There are successful filmmakers out there who skipped the film school route entirely, but they are usually […]

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The Proof is in the Pre-production

Just wrapped a short film for Taiwanese director Peter Yu. I haven’t seen the footage yet (we shot b/w 16mm negative, a rare treat), but I’m generally pleased with the piece. From a production standpoint, the real accomplishment is that we shot 24 pages in three days, which for a short project of this budget […]

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