The Art of the Title Sequence


Beautiful still photo work from Bulgarian photographer Aneta Ivanova.



Over the past year I’ve been following the work of a few photographers, most notably Aneta Ivanova, who have created striking visual work by superimposing images of environments—natural and constructed—onto human portraits. I’ve found myself asking how one could use this technique in a motion picture context. A flashback? A dream sequence? A music video?

HBO’s new series True Detective, which premiered last week, employs this technique with spectacular success in the show’s title sequence. Kudos go to visual design house Antibody and the filmmakers at Elastic (Elastic also brought us the brilliant title sequences for Carnivale and, more recently, Game of Thrones). This is strong work and a wonderful example of how inspiration from outside cinema can translate into motion picture practice. I look forward to seeing more of this applied to the non-fiction genre.

More background about the process behind the creation of this sequence here.

The view from Mt. Washington: Restlessness.