Picture wrap: “Germanuli Beer”


One of the things I love about shooting commercials is how much visual diversity there is between projects. I recently shot a series of beer commercials for the Windfor’s agency in Tbilisi, Georgia. We shot three different spots in two days, and each one has a unique style. Whereas long-form projects such as feature films allow the cinematographer to drill down and master a specific look, commercial work encourages versatility, something so important to one’s growth as an artist.

My experience shooting in Georgia has always been very positive: many of the directors and agency creatives I’ve worked with have been very talented, the professionalism of local crew rises every year, and the market is still small enough where there is a great family feel on set. I see exciting things to come in the future of the film industry in Georgia—frankly, I don’t understand why more foreign films don’t shoot here.

All three of these commercials were directed by Nino Gordeladze, who is a long-time copywriter at Windfor’s and one of the creative engines behind this campaign. Looking forward to more projects with these guys!

The view from Kostava street: cool mornings and the promise of spring. Next stop, Kiev!

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