“9+1” Production Journal: Days 4 & 5

I keep reminding myself that shooting dramatic television is a marathon, not a sprint: it’s important to maintain perspective and understand that not every shot is going to be a masterpiece. On some days, delivering solid content to the editors and keeping the show on schedule are enough to qualify as success. But in the interest of growing from one’s mistakes, I’ll […]

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“9+1” Production Journal: Day 2

Most of Day Two involved shooting a lengthy dialog scene in a restaurant. Nothing too crazy: two people chatting at a table. We all wanted to shoot in the restaurant’s glass-enclosed veranda, and I embraced the sun through the window as part of our lighting (using our own lighting as well, of course). This strategy mostly worked, but no […]

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“9+1” Production Journal: Day 1

I’ve been hired as the Director of Photography on a episodic detective thriller shooting in Tbilisi, Georgia. After two months of prep, today was the first day of principal photography. I hope to make periodic journal entries to track our progress. Day One was pretty good, all things considered. There were the usual small bumps and moments […]

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