Abby and ThomasI am a director of photography specializing in narrative, commercial, and non-traditional content. I trained in Los Angeles on feature films, dramatic television, music videos, commercials, and documentaries, and I’m particularly interested in short-form work where the non-fiction and commercial genres coalesce. When I’m not shooting I write, try to learn a thing or two about chess, and spend as much time as possible with animals.

I receive an enormous amount of inspiration from teaching and have been a visiting professor at both the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television and Woodbury University. I’m also trying to open my heart, play more Vince Guaraldi, and not freak out so much about the future.

Things I love: mathematics, Soviet electronics, and the sound of Motown. My favorite kind of stories are about misunderstood creatures.

Current residence: Tbilisi, Georgia.