Inspiration from the Advertising World

The more I work in the commercial genre, the more enchanted I become: maximum story economy and maximum style in short projects with broad audience reach. I even love the accountability that working with clients brings to the process. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own ideas that we need someone who’s not in the room to tell us […]

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Bollywood in Tbilisi

Just finished shooting two Indian music videos for a group of filmmakers from Mumbai, led by the talented directors Ajay and Sanjukta Jain and T-Series executive producer Sumeet Mithra. This was my first experience working with Bollywood and it was very rewarding. An entirely creative and very professional group. We shot for five days in locations around Tbilisi. Some days […]

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The golden age of content is Now

What it means to be a Director of Photography is changing. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, I no longer see myself as a DoP in the traditional sense, but rather as the principle visual designer of the projects I work on. I’ve noticed that as makers continue to push the boundaries of our work, the roles of visual designer […]

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Oscars 2016

I generally feel that the Academy Awards are an overrated event, but I would be professionally remiss not to share my thoughts on this year’s nominees: The Revenant, shot by Chivo Lubezki, was the Oscar darling of the year (12 nominations), and much has been said about its photography. I found two things interesting about this […]

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“9+1” Production Journal: Days 4 & 5

I keep reminding myself that shooting dramatic television is a marathon, not a sprint: it’s important to maintain perspective and understand that not every shot is going to be a masterpiece. On some days, delivering solid content to the editors and keeping the show on schedule are enough to qualify as success. But in the interest of growing from one’s mistakes, I’ll […]

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