Inspiration from the Advertising World

The more I work in the commercial genre, the more enchanted I become: maximum story economy and maximum style in short projects with broad audience reach. I even love the accountability that working with clients brings to the process. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own ideas that we need someone who’s not in the room to tell us […]

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Oscars 2016

I generally feel that the Academy Awards are an overrated event, but I would be professionally remiss not to share my thoughts on this year’s nominees: The Revenant, shot by Chivo Lubezki, was the Oscar darling of the year (12 nominations), and much has been said about its photography. I found two things interesting about this […]

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“9+1” Production Journal: Days 4 & 5

I keep reminding myself that shooting dramatic television is a marathon, not a sprint: it’s important to maintain perspective and understand that not every shot is going to be a masterpiece. On some days, delivering solid content to the editors and keeping the show on schedule are enough to qualify as success. But in the interest of growing from one’s mistakes, I’ll […]

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“9+1” Production Journal: Day 2

Most of Day Two involved shooting a lengthy dialog scene in a restaurant. Nothing too crazy: two people chatting at a table. We all wanted to shoot in the restaurant’s glass-enclosed veranda, and I embraced the sun through the window as part of our lighting (using our own lighting as well, of course). This strategy mostly worked, but no […]

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“9+1” Production Journal: Day 1

I’ve been hired as the Director of Photography on a episodic detective thriller shooting in Tbilisi, Georgia. After two months of prep, today was the first day of principal photography. I hope to make periodic journal entries to track our progress. Day One was pretty good, all things considered. There were the usual small bumps and moments […]

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Picture wrap: “Germanuli Beer”

. One of the things I love about shooting commercials is how much visual diversity there is between projects. I recently shot a series of beer commercials for the Windfor’s agency in Tbilisi, Georgia. We shot three different spots in two days, and each one has a unique style. Whereas long-form projects such as feature films […]

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