Bollywood in Tbilisi

Just finished shooting two Indian music videos for a group of filmmakers from Mumbai, led by the talented directors Ajay and Sanjukta Jain and T-Series executive producer Sumeet Mithra. This was my first experience working with Bollywood and it was very rewarding. An entirely creative and very professional group. We shot for five days in locations around Tbilisi. Some days […]

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A case study: color grading

There was a time early in my career when post-production work was less about color grading and more about basic color correction: making global color adjustments to rough in a general look (and fix photographic mistakes I made during the shoot). It was more broad strokes than anything else. These days the look I want […]

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The audience is always right

Some recent commercial shoots have inspired me to think more intensely about the role of client-driven work in my motion picture practice. As much as I love shooting movies, I have to admit that shooting commercials presents an exceptional opportunity to hone one’s craft: the projects are short, each spot requires a specialized look, and […]

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Reference Material From the Vaults

It always baffles me when people talk about the cinematographer’s job in terms of cameras. In my mind the essence of the work lies not in the tools, but in creative leadership: the ability to take the raw idea for a project, grow its potential, define its goals, develop its visual architecture, and assemble a […]

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